Functioning details

The functioning of the Pressure Balance valve by Chimasi is based on an internal membrane which is able to react to variations in pressure which can occur in the water supply system. Such variations are random and unforseeable and the valve is able to quickly and efficiently react.
In normal working conditions the pressure of hot and cold water does not change and taps deliver water at a constant temperature. (Fig. 1)
in this case we are in a stable situation in which the hot water (red arrow) and cold water (blue arrow) flow without any valve intervention needed.
If cold water pressure changes, for example suddenly increasing, (Fig. 2) the inner valve membrane reacts by balancing the unexpected pressure increase. The appreciable resulting tap water flow is regular and its temperature remains unchanged.
Similarly, a sudden increase of hot water pressure makes the membrane react quickly reducing any effects. (Fig. 3)
Also in this case the temperature of outgoing water does not change.
the Pressure Balance Valve by Chimasi is able to balance pressure increases and decreases for both hot and cold water.
(Fig. 1)
(Fig. 2)
(Fig. 3)
European overall dimensions
American overall dimensions