Pressure Balance

"The best solution to avoid temperature changes
while having a shower"

What is Pressure Balance?

Pressure balance is a device that, if mounted in a water supply system, between the water supply and the tap, avoids changes of the hot-and-cold water by controlling the pressure.


This video shows a typical application by the hairdresser suffering due to coinciding opening of several taps in the same water supply system. Thanks to the Pressure Balance valve, installed in order to protect users, it is possible to guarantee stability and eliminate sudden temperature changes.

Latest news

07/01/10 On line you can find the new Chimasi Pressure Balance valve site. Here you can learn all the details, the features and the adavantages offered together with this new product. Please refer to site sections for more information.
You can see Chimasi Pressure Balance shown in a video. Please follow link in order to know its advantages and how it works.
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